User Interface

Light Map Theme

Toggle dark/light theme.

Mono Background

Will disable displaying background graphics and replace with a near-black blue or white background.

User Interface scale

Use + and - to scale the entire UI. In browsers you can use its native zoom aswell.

Color Hue and Saturation

Use + and - to set UI colors.

Connection Line Width

Use + and - to change the line width of the connections on the map. Also important for exporting the map to PNG.


Extended Map Layout

This will extend maps with routes via different regions connecting back to the current map. This gets rendered via an arc with describing text on it. Additionally this will display how many systems are connected to a system of another region.


Use Animated Location Marker

Will animate the shape marking your current location. It has been reported that this might stress certain computers. Switch off this feature if you experience this.

Show Current Constellation Outline

Draws an orange outline around all systems of the constellation you are in currently.


You can set names for your Custom Marks which will display in the map's legend if applicable.


Display Jumprange

Enables/Disables displaying jumpranges on the map. This can be triggered by in the left map menu aswell.

Skill and Fitting Settings

Match your skills and fit for the app to calc your range and fuel correctly.


Display Route

Will display your route on the map after you used "Set Destination/Waypoint" from solarsystem menu.

Avoid Nullsec/Shorter/Safer/Less Secure Route

Set your preferred travel security. This should match your ingame setting.

Avoid Systems

Avoid systems you set avoided by clicking it and choosing "Avoid System" in the solarsystem menu shown. This should match your ingame setting.

Avoidance List

Systems you set avoided are listed here. Clicking the system will let you remove it from the list.


You should match ingame and eveeye settings to get the same routes ingame and within eveeye. Still routes displayed may not match 100% every time.