Jump Planning

Will plan a route using your ship's jump-drive with features for Jump-freighter pilots.


Waypoint A system you want to go through. It is like pinning systems in your route.
Midpoint or mid Systems jumped to inbetween waypoints.

Enabling using a jump-drive for route planning

Enable Use Jumpdrive in ROUTE settings.
Set your jump-ship and skills in JUMP settings.

Jump settings

Use Jumpdrive Toggles if the route-planner will plot a jump route.
Prefer Less Midpoints/Fuel Sometimes a route with more mids needs less fuel.
Jump if more than X Gates This sets the planner to always use its jumpdrive or only plot a jump if the gate distance to the next mid is more than X gates.
Leaving Highsec Sets if you want to travel highsec as far as possible and jump from there (Gate afar) or if you want to jump as soon as possible (Jump asap).
Prefer Station Systems The planner will try to jump via systems that got an NPC-station.

How to plot a route

Choosing the system to start the route from

Set a system your current location by doubleclicking it or right-clicking it and choosing Set Current System from the menu.

After right-clicking or doubletapping a system on mobile in addition to general and gate route options you will get presented with the following navigation options where applicable.

Set Jump Destination Will plot a jump-route to the system according to your settings.
Append Jump Destination Will add a jumproute to an existing route.
Alternate Midpoint If a midpoint using this option you will get presented with all systems that could be used as a mid instead of this one. This will also show a list of alternate mids in route pane.
Alternate Exit System When planning a Jump-freighter route to highsec the planner will choose an Exit system for you. Use this option to use a different one.
Turn into Waypoint Will pin a system you want to go through.
Remove Waypoint Will remove a waypoint within a route.
Remove Destination Will remove the last waypoint. Clears the route if it is the only Waypoint.

Color of menu entries

Options involving the jump-drive got an orange color instead of the standard yellow for navigational options.