Release Notes

Known Issues

Release 1.04.0 - Feb 2022

  • Major improvements to universe map
  • Jumprange features added
  • Structure mapping
  • Anomaly Belt Count data option
  • Maximum Belt Count data option
  • Capsuleer Outpost Anchoring Limit data option
  • Additional map overlay menu for fast setting access
  • Control UI brightness and connection line width
  • Other minor improvements and a lot of fixes
  • Advertising removed. Eveeye is completely third party free
  • Browser subs remove nag banner on mobile aswell

Release 1.03.0 - Feb 2021

  • Enhancements to Discord authentification
  • Distance to Trade Center data option
  • Shows closest Trade Center in distances
  • Database sets can be shared publicly

Release 1.02.0 - Jan 2021

  • Exact ingame map added
  • Anomaly and Belt level NODE display
  • Station system TAG option
  • Presets now save custom data options
  • Fixed external data reload
  • Fixed reordering infopanes (tablet)
  • Fixed NPC Pirate display on region overview map

Release 1.01.0 - Jan 2021

  • Added DATA tab to edit all custom data within a system
  • NPC Pirate and Region options on universe map
  • Enable adjacent systems in universe map settings
  • Reorder infopane tabs (tablet only)

Initial Release - Jan 2021

  • Universe and Regional Maps
  • Global Search for solarsystems and planetary materials
  • Custom map data
  • Discord login to cloud store and share custom map data
  • Bookmarks
  • Routing and distances to bookmarked systems