Character Management

Logging in characters via Discord is not necessary to use this app but unlocks the following features:

  • Synchronize your Custom Map Data across devices
  • Share Custom Map Data with people on a Discord Server

Discord Login

This app uses Discord oauth login to authenticate characters.


A complementary key is stored on the eveeye server. It alone cannot be used to authenticate a user.

To revoke access for Eveeye goto]( It can be enabled in your Discord account settings under My Account.

To revoke access for Eveeye goto the Authorized Apps within Discord settings and hit Deauthorize.

Login process

To add characters tap or your character's portrait in the menu. After selecting to add a character you will get redirected to a new native browser window to log into Discord and then back to Eveeye with the user added.

To remove a character tap in the menu. This will remove any tokens available to login the character but will keep other data like for example custom names stored to not loose that data by accident. To fully remove custom data un-install and re-install the app or clear browser cache.


If you updated your charactuser image you can update it by just authorizing the user again. Also if a new version of Eveeye was installed sometimes it would need you to authorize your characters again to use new features.

Revoking access

To revoke access for Eveeye goto the Authorized Apps within Discord user settings and hit Deauthorize.